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Retirement CountDown Ad Free app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 1968 ratings )
Lifestyle Entertainment
Developer: MandellMobileApps
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.4, last update: 4 months ago
First release : 10 Mar 2011
App size: 3.25 Mb

Without Ads!!

Now you can see how much work time you have left until retirement, (down to the second!). You can set your work week, work hours, holidays, even your vacations, and we will calculate your work time remaining .... but who’s counting?

Select your own picture!
If your retirement plans don’t include a hammock on the beach, you can add a picture of your own retirement vision.

Customize your colors!
Set the colors of the days, the calendar background and text, with 500 colors to choose from.

Enter your vacations!
Single tap on a day and it will toggle between a workday and a non-workday, double tap and it goes back to its default.

Time Remaining!
You can select work time (down to the second of course) or calendar time which will show the total years, months and days to your retirement date.

Email to a Friend!
Takes a screen capture of your picture or of the calendar and emails it to a friend, not to gloat of course.


Pros and cons of Retirement CountDown Ad Free app for iPhone and iPad

Retirement CountDown Ad Free app good for

Variable date needs work. Good Friday & Easter Monday are very variable. Would be nice to drop in National Holidays however the current editing is quite satisfactory.
Lots of fun to use and show your colleagues who (sadly) are not yet retiring.
Great app! I use it all the time to make my youngin co-workers envious that I only have 2 years 4 months 28 days till I retire
This app has done the job for me. Need to fix the icon badge notification, which stopped working a while back.
This is a simple but great app. Ive been using it from about six months out. With only three to go its great to visually see my countdown.
I have it counting down the days. As a firefighter I wish it had more options for work hours. But still very happy!

Some bad moments

Terrible, days remaining before retirement jump all over. One day youre at 100 days the very next day is in shows 95. Fails basic math.
I bought this app because I wanted to have a badge that shows me how many days I have left. the settings are there, but theres no badge and the app isnt even listed in my phones notification settings. I sent an email to the author, no response yet after several days. So unless something changes soon, Im going to try to get my money back. Should have tried the free version first!
The app is fantastic when working. However, it has stopped working so many times in the past I cannot count them. An error message shows on the home page "not currently working", then sooner or later it starts again.
Lay out great. But no matter what info I input it is two days off... After several trys of reloading app now displays correct number of days. Changed my rating....
Been trying all of them. This is absolutely the best countdown clock around. And customer service is EXCELLENT. Get it! Youll really like it!
I actually paid for this crummy app that doesnt save inputted data. When I emailed the developer with my concerns, he didnt even bother to reply. I want my $ back.

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